Replacment Bathrooms

We manufacture many products previously discontinued by the manufacturer. This means all products orderd through our online store are made to order for the customer.

  • Replacment Items
  • Made to order just for the customer
  • Replace old or damaged bathroom products with brand new
Oak Ceramics

We were originally setup to aid the British manufacturing market and while we have evolved over the years we still have a big focus on helping customers who can no longer get pieces that manufactures have discontinued.

All our replacement products are made to order for customers which means your not getting old stock or off the shelf.

We offer a range of replacement items from many different manufacturers, if your looking for a specific item then check out or sales site and search for what you need or get in touch!

We offer all of our replacement products in the most popular colours originally made, for example if your bathroom was champagne when it was made we can replicate that on anything you order.

Because all our item are made to order we aim to have orders shipped between 3-6 weeks this is due to the nature of the manufacturing process