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The reasons why clients come back to Oak Ceramics again and again are many and varied. For some it will be the fact that we never try to sell a specific product or service to a client, but instead work closely with them to decide what would provide the best solution for their circumstances.

  • Completely Bespoke
  • Built To Your Spec
  • Unlimited Colour & Patterns

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    Our Refurb Solution

    For others, it will be the fact that we can do everything from recolouring existing ceramic fittings through to creating brand new items from scratch, or the fact that we can produce a prototype of an item from little more than an initial rough sketch. Often it will be a combination of all of this and more, and will always include our commitment to excellence through a combination of the best of British manufacturing skill and the latest ceramics technology.

    When refurb specialists come to Oak Ceramics it’s because they know that our commitment to providing bespoke items that simply can’t be sourced on the high street means we’ve got the skills and experience needed to create exactly what they need.

    A refurb specialist might be working on a Grade 1 listed building, for example, and need to have all of the basins in that building replacing. We’ll be able to create versions of the basin which exactly match the original design, at the same time as meeting all of the listing requirements. These design requirements could include a specific style, such as art deco or baroque, or the use of a colour scheme identified with the mid-century, but whatever is needed to complete a refurbishment we can make it happen.

    Whether they need an existing item replicating across a building or a new item designing in line with the period requirements of that building, the team at Oak Ceramics are more than up to the task, creating brand new items which are indistinguishable from the originals.

    If you’d like to know more about what we offer at Oak Ceramics, or have a question regarding a specific project, then please contact us today. A member of our team will be only too happy to discuss your requirements and outline the ways in which we could meet them. Telephone us now on 01889 577800 or send an email to sales@oakceramics.co.uk , and we’ll start the process of delivering the ceramic bathroom solutions you’ve been looking for.

    100 Year Of Bespoke Handcrafted Excellence

    Backed up by over 100 years of bespoke manufacturing experience

    The exact service you need

    Beautifully unique sanitaryware requires full attention, and with our client base combined with over 100+ years of experience, we’re dedicated to offering the best service possible.

    Your requirements combined with our knowledge, tools & a dedicated team of the most highly talented individuals, we’re confident we can offer the highest quality, time & time again.

    We understand that distinctively unusual products require an angle of exclusive, individual testing & prototyping, we should know, we’ve been achieving this for over 100+ years.

    We work with you to deliver the most unique products that meet your specification, ensure each individual item exemplifies the aesthetic & function of your specification.