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Using the highest quality materials to create...

the most beautiful,
bespoke craftsmanship.

Commercially driven, we not only supply high end brands with luxury sanitaryware, we work with you to design and create beautiful ceramics to express and exemplify your unique aesthetic, managing all aspects of production from consultation through to design, prototyping and limited run production.

100 Year Of Bespoke Handcrafted Excellence

Backed up by over 100 years of bespoke manufacturing experience

The exact service you need

Beautifully unique sanitaryware requires full attention, and with our client base combined with over 100+ years of experience, we’re dedicated to offering the best service possible.

Your requirements combined with our knowledge, tools & a dedicated team of the most highly talented individuals, we’re confident we can offer the highest quality, time & time again.

We understand that distinctively unusual products require an angle of exclusive, individual testing & prototyping, we should know, we’ve been achieving this for over 100+ years.

We work with you to deliver the most unique products that meet your specification, ensure each individual item exemplifies the aesthetic & function of your specification.

How Can We Help
How can we help?

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