The Exact Service You Need

Beautifully unique sanitaryware requires full attention, and with our client base combined with over 100+ years of experience, we’re dedicated to offering the best service possible.

Your requirements combined with our knowledge, tools & a dedicated team of the most highly talented individuals, we’re confident we can offer the highest quality, time & time again.

We understand that distinctively unusual products require an angle of exclusive, individual testing & prototyping, we should know, we’ve been achieving this for over 100+ years.

We work with you to deliver the most unique products that meet your specification, ensure each individual item exemplifies the aesthetic & function of your specification.

When a client such as an architect, interior designer or commercial buyer is looking for the kind of niche, highly bespoke products that they won’t be able to find elsewhere they know that we can make it happen for them.

Whether they come to us with an existing product to be improved, a rough sketch of a new product or something as simple as a colour which they want to have replicated in ceramics, we can work with them to create the items they need. We also promise never to try and sell a specific product or service to a client, but instead to work closely to deliver their requirements.

Amongst the services which we offer at Oak Ceramics are the following:

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